At Long Island Car Lease Deals, a big part of why our clients choose to secure a car lease with our company is our streamlined leasing process and large availability of automobile options. Plus we provide an exclusive online platform that eliminates the requirement for individuals to go from dealership to dealership in search of a car. Fill in your auto lease application and send it to us—all from your home. In addition to our streamlined system, we expediently deliver your automobile to the door of your house.

Our customer service works hard to exceed the expectations of our clients by providing sound auto leasing advice and by being responsive instead of ignoring the issues brought to our agents. We want you to know we appreciate you as a client. By choosing to work with our company, you will have access to excellent customer service and discounted auto leasing rates. If you would like more information, feel free to contact one of our professional representatives.

Discounted Leasing Rates

While our auto leasing procedure has been improved and conveniently streamlined for our customers, we also deliver discounted auto leasing rates. The car leasing rates we offer on all of the vehicles at Long Island Car Lease Deals are economically priced. We also provide a flexible payment schedule that is modifiable for our clients in order to properly meet their needs.

We purposely designed our online company strategy to run differently than the local traditional auto leasing companies by opting out of a physical location and working with our network of connections. As a result of removing the need for a physical location, we are able to pass along savings in the form of discounted leasing rates and other perks. Traditional auto leasing companies do not compare when it comes to our auto leasing rates. To obtain more information, call us to speak with a sales agent at (516)-888-7070.

Early Lease Termination

When you enter into an auto lease agreement, it is expected that you will see it through until the conclusion date. However, some elect to exit their car lease before that date. If you do this, then most likely you will be required to pay an exit fee to be released from your current auto lease, especially with traditional auto leasing corporations. This almost always results in a high early termination fee because the leasing company is taking a financial hit when you terminate early. At Long Island Car Lease Deals, we will work with you and have many options to attempt to make this transition easier.

Although it is rare that a client needs to end their lease early, we want to help you achieve a solution to your problem. Since we operate entirely online, we are better able to absorb some of the costs associated with clients that find they need to end their lease prior to our agreement. Our most common course of action is to look for someone in the market to take over an active lease. If you want to speak with a representative about your options, feel free to give us a call for assistance.

Lease Return Policies

At Long Island Car Lease Deals, our policies are thoroughly explained to our clients prior to securing their auto lease. Additionally, we provide a copy of these policies to them. We do not want any confusion concerning our lease return policies. The basic return procedure is standard and simple. Once you return the leased car, we pass it through inspections. After the inspection is complete, we close out your auto lease agreement, and send you a final billing statement.

We need to point out that during the inspection process, our techs anticipate encountering regular usage signs. Things that we do not anticipate seeing are scratches, dents, and things of that nature. These are not considered normal and we charge to refurbish damaged areas of the vehicle. After being released form your auto lease, we welcome you to lease a different vehicle, or you may even be eligible to purchase the previous car. Call us for more info at (516)-888-7070.