Prior to leasing an auto, we understand it is commonplace to have questions, and you should! We like that our clients call us when they have concerns or questions. And if you really think about it, we cannot assist our clients that do not voice their opinion or concerns. Long Island Car Lease Deals strives to be responsive and always works hard to assist our clients by providing solutions to their issues.

We take pride in having assisted our customers throughout the years in selecting the optimal vehicle that meets their needs and preferences. Take a tour of our corporate website and learn more about our available vehicles. Once you narrow down your choices, feel free to give us a call, or go ahead and fill out the application. We are absolutely certain that you will be happy with your choice vehicle when you decide to lease a car with Long Island Car Lease Deals. For more info, call our experts at (516)-888-7070 today!

How can we be reached?

We do not have a physical office for you to visit since we lack a brick and mortar facility. We know that this may seem ideal, but our agents are highly responsive and always address your concerns head on. To speak with an agent, you are welcome to call us with your apprehensions. Call us on our company line at (516)-888-7070. Understand that if you want to handle your interests as soon as possible, you need to give us a call during regular business hours. If does not need to be taken care of immediately, then sending us an email is also encouraged.

If you opt to send us an email during regular operating hours, please consider the turnaround time. Due to the high volume of emails coming in every day, it might take at least a business day to receive a response. Once we have closed for business, you will need to send an email containing your information and details of your concerns. As soon as we have reviewed your information, we will contact you. If it is absolutely important for you to talk with one of our professionals, we advise calling once we have opened for business the next day.

What can we expect when we contact you?

At Long Island Car Lease Deals, we aspire to deliver outstanding service to our clients. It is imperative for our company to cling to our high values. We maintain our reputation by actively making our clients’ needs a priority. We are dedicated to being upfront, flexible, and serving the local community with excellence. We are certain that you will be entirely satisfied with our service.

We work hard to pair you with the ideal vehicle and leasing rate that falls within your budget. Once you complete your present vehicle lease, it is our hope that you will become longtime client, as you will experience that other auto leasing companies simply cannot match our prices and level of service. For additional details, give us a call at (516)-888-7070.