At Long Island Car Lease Deals, is confident that when given the option between procuring a car lease with a resident high-pressure sales agent or shopping from your home—you will elect to shop for your lease home. Moreover, individuals should not have to go from one leasing dealership to the next just to find a vehicle to lease. Take your time browsing and be certain of the vehicle you want to lease.

Our company is a vehicle leasing company that strives to offer economical monthly auto leasing rates to the residents in the Long Island area. Our well-regarded auto leasing company strives to provide exceptional customer service and reduced car lease rates. Our auto leasing professionals are fully capable when it comes to understanding the auto leasing industry. Call us for more information at (516)-888-7070 to speak with a representative today.

What makes Long Island Car Lease Deals unique?

Some traditional auto leasing companies share a few similarities with our company, but our differences set us a bar above the rest in the industry. Our car leasing service was molded in a way that benefits our clients and creates a positive experience as a result. Long Island Car Lease Deals successfully accomplished with the creation of our online business platform.

Instead of a physical location, we operate exclusively online, saving money in the process. Also, our professionals sincerely listen when our customers voice their concerns. By providing exceptional services it places us a step above the competition. We truly appreciate our customers and it shines through! Another important thing to mention is that we never bully our clients into choosing an automobile that might not be best for them. We want our clients to be completely happy with their selection.

Is it possible to physically review your vehicles?

Yes! We fully support our clients in making an appointment to thoroughly inspect and test drive your automobile prior to signing an auto leasing agreement. We never make assumptions or expect our customers to sign an automotive leasing agreement before taking the car for a test drive to get a feel for it. However, it is not unusual for a customer to shop around on our website, find the exact vehicle they want, and then complete their application prior to inspecting the automobile first. This is perfectly fine with us, but we still prefer that our clients review the vehicle in person before submitting the application paperwork. By going this route, if the vehicle is not to your liking, then you can locate a different vehicle instead.

What are the options available to us when choosing a car?

Our auto leasing corporation offers an exceedingly diverse assortment of automobiles that come from all over the place. Some of the vehicle brands we have in our inventory include Audi, Ford, Land Rover, Mazda, and Subaru. For additional information on our auto inventory and present trim packages, give us a call today!

Plus, we also provide financing options for our customers that would like financing for their car lease. The professionals at Long Island Car Lease Deals are determined to work quickly to lock in the lowest possible financing rates for you. Our auto lease fee schedules vary depending on what the customer prefers and needs. For more information speak with a professional today by calling (516)-888-7070.