The local citizens of the Long Island community have many choices if they opt to lease a car. We share some similarities, mainly because we are in the same industry. We lease automobiles, but we operate differently. Long Island Car Lease Deals operates online instead of at a physical office like leasing corporations in the area have opted to do. We are leading the way with the introduction of our exclusive online car leasing business platform. You can browse through our current vehicles up for lease, right there on our company website. We have streamlined our system to allow you to select your vehicle right from the comfort of your home.

However, before you do, allow us to point out a few things. Firstly, we carry a wide range of available automobile brands. Secondly, because we operate entirely online, you can choose your automobile without being required to drive everywhere to locate the vehicle for you. Our website affords you the ability to obtain all the details you require about any vehicle you want to research—all in one convenient place! Plus, have you noticed our highly competitive car leasing rates? To obtain additional details, call us to speak with one of our car lease experts at (516)-888-7070.

Choosing a Car

We always recommend that our clients compare and contrast vehicles of several diverse brands before settling on a specific automobile. If you like a particular style vehicle, check out similar cars from different brands. You may find that you like one you have never noticed in the past. When you feel confident about your selection, go ahead and call us to make your appointment. You can test drive the automobile to get a feel for how it drives. Budgeting is also an important part of the selection process. You can calculate your automobile lease yourself or one of our agents can assist you with it.

Your auto lease payments are estimated using the total depreciation value of your auto as the base rate. The cost of additional upgraded items, such as trim packages, are included in the cost of your lease. It is not an upfront charge and is divided equally throughout the term of your lease. To figure out the depreciation value, you have to figure out how well the vehicle retains its value over time. If your car’s value diminishes rapidly, then anticipate a higher monthly fee than our consumers would pay with an auto that holds a higher resell price. Our agents are here to assist you in calculating your estimated monthly leasing fees. Call us during business hours to find out additional information on the best methods for selecting a vehicle to lease.

Contact Us for Information

Long Island Car Lease Deals works hard to provide excellent customer service on top of economic car lease rates for our customers located in the Long Island area. If you would like to receive more information about our current auto leasing specials and how to get started on filling out your application to put you behind the wheel of your brand new car, call us today! You can reach us by calling (516)-888-7070 to discuss your auto lease options with a professional representative today.